Dr. Adam Lee Sandahl

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Dr. Adam Lee Sandahl

Owner, TIER Wellness, Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified Extremity Specialist (CCEP),


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“Dr. Adam leads the charge in chiropractic, bringing over 25 years experience in the role. In addition to a healthy track record of treating patients, Dr. Adam is also a Certified Extremity Specialist (CCEP), and the only practitioner with the specialty within a 50 mile radius!”

Be it his bevy of knowledge, or his coined “360 Degree Adjustment,” what sets this brain and body from the rest is that Dr. Adam is also an Ironman Triathlete and former semi-professional rugby player, having traveled all over the world for the sport. Being an athlete himself allows Dr. Adam to have an even deeper understanding of how to get the body to perform at its highest tier.

Patients often experience what they call “the most thorough adjustment” they have experienced in comparison to traditional chiropractic experiences. Dr. Adam will assess the body’s alignment literally head to toe. A special feature of Dr. Adam is that he makes custom orthotics in house. Additionally, he offers kinesio-taping, Graston technique, and percussion massage (Learn more about the TIER Percussion Massage Device in the TIER Shop).

Treating professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, this scratch golfer and former Long Drive Champion is also the go-to for those wanting to up their golf game (check out Dr. Adam’s golf stretching video), decompress after a long travel or work day, or boost the body’s resilience through proactive health measures: aligning the nervous system, the body’s mission control!

Dr. Adam believes that the body is a naturally healing mechanism. By treating subluxations of the spine, the nervous system sends signals to all areas of the body, not just musculoskeletal mechanics, but to the organs, allowing proper digestions, hormonal regulation, circulation, clarity of the mind, and fully functionality of mind, body, and spirit.

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