Heidi Regenass

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Heidi Regenass

Doctor of Medicine, Medical Director, MD


Fluent English


“Leading the medical team at TIER Wellness, Heidi Regenass, MD, serves not only as medical director but can be thought of as a “life engineer.”

Dr. Heidi is armed with a medical acumen and resume of credentials in the medical community, double board-certified by the Mayo Clinic and with more than 25 years experience in holistic health. She is even one of just a few physicians to be board certified as a plastic surgeon, as well as certified in palliative care.
Above all, however, is that this Zimbabwe-native is a proponent of healthy decisions that allow individuals to get their health to the next tier. As a former plastic surgeon, her extensive experience in medical aesthetics leads the TIER Longevity Medical Spa team to make the best clinical judgment for patients. Dr. Heidi is a tier above the rest of the plastic surgeon community, however, leaving surgery to find more holistic treatments of health when she experienced the loss of her father to cancer, propelling her to work in oncology and palliative care. Finding moments of insight and clarity amidst a dark situation, Dr. Heidi set herself out on a quest to lead individuals to make healthy choices to alter the trajectory of their lifespans and impact their quality of life, leaning more into holistic health measures. Dr. Heidi Regenass could not be a more perfect fit as Medical Director...she is onto the next TIER and will guide you to find your’s.

Videos by Dr. Heidi Regenass: https://drheidiregenass.com/media/