COVID-19 Safety

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COVID-19 Safety

TIER makes your safety our highest priority. As an essential business (chiropractic center and medical facility), we remain open during COVID-19 with strict policies in place. All visitors must wear a mask upon entering the building, and no one with symptoms will be treated in our facility. We offer temperature checks, thereby assuring no one presenting with a fever exposes themselves or others. Social distancing is in place with all individuals six feet apart when applicable. All areas of the office are disinfected with isopropyl alcohol solution before and after use. Each patient is treated alone in their own treatment room with a masked practitioner. When appropriate, tele-medicine is available for psychotherapy patients or they have the option to conduct therapy with Dr. Lori outside on our private TIER patio outfitted with a comforting firepit. Tele-medicine is also available for consultations or practitioner appointments with our MD, PA, RN, Psy.D, LMFT, or DC.

We treat the body to make it more resilient, increase immunity, allow detoxification, increase hydration and oxygenation, and make you a better human, one tier at a time. As a chiropractic wellness center (TIER Wellness) and medical office (TIER Longevity Medical Spa), our services remain not just essential, they are vital now more than ever.

Onto the next TIER!

Yours in health,
The TIER Team

Happy Clients Say

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Dr. Sandahl is phenomenal. I am a chiropractor myself, and   I can truly say that his adjustments are out of this world.


I have found my new chiropractor. I have never had everything adjusted so easily and perfectly. I am recommending to everyone!