Meet The Founder

Lori Lynn Mann

Dr. Lori Lynn Mann, LMFT, Psy.D. is the founder and creator of TIER, Inc., TIER Wellness, TIER Adventure Therapy, TIER Formulas, and TIER Longevity Medical Spa. As a professional marathon runner (2020 Olympic Trials Marathon Competitor), psychologist, former bi-coastal public relations firm owner, radio host, and advocate for wellness, Dr. Lori has pushed the envelope her entire life to not just push herself, but guide others through their processes.

Moving through mental barriers while racing endurance distances, Dr. Lori believed that there is something within us that has to be woken up for action, or in some cases, change to happen. It could be in the middle of a race, or in could be in the middle a long relationship, job rut, or apathy about one’s physical health and longevity.

Having spent seven years researching this concept, Mann soon learned that people just don’t  change. They have to feel uncomfortable enough. This term, known in the psychologist world, is  called cognitive dissonance.

She created the TIER concept when researching what it took for her psychotherapy patients to  make a shift or incite change in their lives. What was then birthed was TIER Adventure  Therapy, a therapeutic retreat concept in the outdoors that guides clients to do therapy while  taking on physical challenges. Mann proved in her doctoral dissertation that this model works  to not just lower depression and anxiety, but increase self-esteem, group dynamics, and  communication with self and with others. The key to all of? Building resilience inside and out!

TIER is both an acronym and a noun. TIER, the acronym represents, “The Inner Emotional  Resolve,” which according to Mann is the “grit factor” or that feeling that one needs to dig  deep, or find one’s resolve, and to decide that something needs to change in one’s life.

TIER, the noun, is the next step up, that level higher, the next place in one’s physical, mental,  or emotional state.

With pandemic lockdown, and different “tiers” incited by the local governments based on  safety due to the community’s seemingly lower immunity, now, more than ever, we ask  ourselves, “What’s the next TIER in my health?” Let’s take a proactive approach health toward  safeguarding our physical resilience toward illness and aging by bolstering our health through  detoxification, oxygenation, circulation, hydration, alkalization, and nutrition.  

Passionate about mind and body health as an athlete and psychosomatic expert, Mann teamed  up with esteemed chiropractor, Dr. Adam Lee Sandahl, DC, CCEP in more ways than one in  2019. Dr. Sandahl, an Ironman athlete and master chiropractor and certified extremity  specialist, and Dr. Mann, marathon runner, and psychosomatic specialist, blended all that  they believe in mind-body-emotional resilience, to create TIER Wellness, the only wellness clinic  of its kind to incite one to take one’s health to the next TIER.

Welcome to TIER Wellness, the only chiropractic wellness center and medical spa of its kind.  What’s your next TIER?