Laser Hair Removal

Through consultation with the doctor, a PA will set up a plan and conduct it accordingly.
Our medical practitioners provide a safe, gentle, and effective process for the removal of unwanted hair by way of our advanced InMode laser. It has one of the largest treatment spot sizes, making treatments convenient and fast. It has a built in cooling system making it more comfortable than other devices. Hair is reduced with each treatment and results are observed after 4-6 sessions. The number of sessions will differ depending on hair color, hair type, body area, and skin tone.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a popular cosmetic procedure in the U.S., where it uses highly concentrated light to destroy pigment and kill all follicles inside of skin pores-that means none will grow back!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is permanent and painless. Laser treatments can also be used to remove unwanted hair from the face, back, legs and bikini line.

Laser treatment sessions are quick 45 minute time slots that include creams before consultations and target areas during session-there’s no recovery required afterwards!

How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal is safe and painless when done by a professional, however you should always check the credentials of your Laser Hair Removal technician.

Before Laser Hair Removal:

Laser treatments to remove unwanted body hairs are typically performed using a medical-grade laser at specific wavelengths targeted for darker skin types (Fitzpatrick Skin Types III through VI).

The ideal Laser candidate will have light to dark brown or black coloration in their desired area(s) for treatment with lighter undertones – this means people who tan easily without burning may also get good results from Laser Hair Removals. In addition, it’s important that you commit to following your doctor’s recommendations after surgery including wearing sunscreen every day!

What to Expect After Laser Hair Removal:

Laser hair removal treatments are safe and effective. Laser Hair Removal is the only permanent solution for removing unwanted body hairs, however, it does require multiple sessions to completely remove all of your target areas’ hairs.

It’s important that you consult with a Laser specialist who has experience treating people like you!

Where to find Laser Hair Removal in Long Beach, CA?

Laser Hair Removall is available at TIER Wellness, 6695 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 250, Long Beach, CA 90803. Monday through Saturday.
To Learn More or to Schedule an Appointment, Call Us Today at our Long Beach office ( 562) – 430-8501.

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