Oxygen Bar

Compression therapy works by adding pressure to contracting areas of restricted flow, allowing the veins in the limbs to loosen.

Oxygen is the communicator to every cell in the body.

Oxygen is the communicator to every cell in the body. Feeling sluggish? Having brain fog? Trouble coming up with ideas? Sit at our oxygen bar with your own oxygen tube that you go home with (no shared germs here!), infused with all-natural essential oils for added rejuvenation, and you may leave feeling refreshed not just in the mind, but in the body as well. Enjoy five minutes of oxygen treatment with every treatment at TIER Wellness and TIER Longevity Medical Spa, and $1/minute thereafter. Benefits of the oxygen bar include: treatment of a hangover, jet lag, fatigue, mask-wearing C02 over-absorption, and stress.

Happy Clients Say

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Dr. Sandahl is phenomenal. I am a chiropractor myself, and   I can truly say that his adjustments are out of this world.


I have found my new chiropractor. I have never had everything adjusted so easily and perfectly. I am recommending to everyone!


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