A botulinum toxin-based treatment that has over 25 years of clinical experience worldwide. It is FDA-approved to temporarily relax muscle contractions to treat and reduce wrinkles. The effects of the treatment are apparent within a few days and can last up to 5 months. It is recommended to receive treatments at least three times a year to maintain optimal benefits.

Is Dysport Right for Me?

We all want what’s best for our skin. That’s why we’re always looking for the latest and greatest formulas to take care of those fine lines and wrinkles that start to show as we get older. Injections, such as Dysport, might be a good option if you’re looking to reduce the appearance of those pesky smile lines or crow’s feet around your eyes! But is Dysport right for me?

This blog post will discuss whether this treatment is a good choice based on your specific concerns.

What is Dysport?

The FDA-approved injection, Dysport is a similar product to Botox. When given the go-ahead from your doctor it will block nerve signals in certain muscles so that frown lines can’t form on the forehead. The effects last up until five months after giving injections but people have seen results as long as two years with regular use!

What is the Process for Getting Dysport?

First, your doctor will administer topical anesthesia to your upper face. You may want to wait for this numbness before shaving the area where Dysport is going, as it can make any cuts easier to manage. Then you’ll lie down and get comfy while your doctor gets everything prepped!

Your dermatologist or plastic surgeon should be able to give you an estimate of how many injections are necessary to achieve your desired results. Most people need between 20-30 units per side, so four sessions will probably be the best option for most patients!

How is Dysport Different Than Botox?

Dysport and Botox have similar properties that they both block nerve impulses at their target areas on the face which prevents muscles from contracting.

What makes the difference between Dysport and Botox is how they’re delivered.

With a fast-acting injectable like Dysport, your doctor will use it for larger areas such as those on the forehead or 11 lines around one’s eyes; whereas with botox which takes longer to spread but has higher concentrations in some cases (such as lip wrinkles), we can choose from finer details like crow’s feet and fine wrinkles because these won’t be too noticeable yet still serve their function well enough without causing any pain!

How Long Does Dysport Last?

You may get great results with dysport injections, but you won’t have it forever! The effects typically last up to five months before your wrinkles begin to come back in full force.

Does Dysport Have Side Effects?

Like any other injection treatment there are risks involved and some side effects that can occur:

-redness at site of injection (can be treated with ice packs) -pain during and/or immediately following procedure (some doctors may prescribe medications for this discomfort) -swelling around area of injection or drooping eyelid (this usually only happens when too many units are used at once) -bruising (may last up to a week after treatment and may be treated with ice packs)

There is also the possibility that Dysport can cause problems in your body such as anaphylaxis, drooping eyelids, blurred or double vision. If you notice any of these issues seek medical attention ASAP.

Am I an Ideal Candidate for Dysport?

If you’re in good general health, have realistic expectations about how Dysport will treat your specific concerns, and are looking for a way to reduce the appearance of lines or wrinkles without too much downtime then Dysport might be right for you!

Dysport in Long Beach, California

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