MINT PDO Thread lift (Face & Neck Thread lift)

(Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread) AKA “threads” are absorbable sutures made from material called PDO (polydioxanone). The procedure results in natural face contouring and lifting without surgery. Two types of threads are available that provide strong lifting effects to target sagging tissue and promote collagen synthesis to fill fine wrinkles and folds. Patients may also experience improved skin texture and elasticity from collagen stimulation and neovascularization. Results are immediate and can last up to 1 year or more.

Used for lifting the mid-face and sagging jowls, softening nasolabial folds, flattening double chin or neck, define jawlines, and opening up the medial and lateral brows.

Used for promoting collagen synthesis and fill fine wrinkles in the forehead, mid-face, upper lip, nasolabial folds, neck, and body.

Everything You Need To Know About The MINT PDO Thread Lift

There are many different options when it comes to face lifts, but MINT PDO Thread Lift is a new technique that has been gaining popularity. The MINT PDO Thread Lift is perfect for people who want an alternative to surgery or Botox injections. It’s also great if you’re not sure what type of procedure would be best for your particular needs. Keep reading this article to learn more about the MINT PDO Thread Lift!

What is thread lifting?

Thread lifting is a quick and minimally invasive procedure designed to elevate the central face, redefine its contours with shorter downtime than surgery. It can even be used on your neck or body!

The threads themselves contain tiny barbs for lifting; they also break down slowly in our bodies so there’s no need-or fear of infection like other procedures might entail.

Why we choose MINT threads

The MINT thread lifts are an excellent alternative to surgery for those who wish they could have their droopy eyelid but don’t want the constraints of being under anesthesia.

The threads work by using absorbable polydioxanone (PDO) as a suture material that is biodegradable and has been safely used in many places such as plastic surgery, gastroenterology/nephrology consultations where it can be found on most stents today – including some urologic procedures too!

What happens during a MINT PDO thread lift?

The MINT PDO threads are placed in the desired lifting pattern, creating a basket weave-like effect under the skin.

While your MINT technician works on smoothing out lines and wrinkles with MINT thread lifts, you can relax or read a book.

Your face will be red but this is temporary; it should start to fade within an hour after treatment. You may also experience some minor swelling that lasts less than 24 hours, too. Treatments take about 20 minutes altogether so you’ll be back at home before long without having gone anywhere!

What results can you expect from a MINT lift?

Results from MINT thread lifts are gradual but long-lasting, usually lasting up to a year.

The MINT PDO Thread Lift is easy and convenient so it’s the perfect alternative for anyone who wants more natural results without having surgery or Botox injections!

Call us if you have any questions about our MINT lift services. We’re happy to help you learn more about this non-invasive treatment option today!

Where to find MINT PDO Threadlift in Long Beach, CA?

MINT PDO Threadlift is available at TIER Wellness, 6695 Pacific Coast Hwy Suite 250, Long Beach, CA 90803. Monday through Saturday.
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