Spider Vein Removal

Through consultation with the doctor, a registered nurse will set up a plan and conduct it accordingly.
Sclerotherapy is the treatment of veins by injection of medication into the veins to seal them permanently. It is used to reduce or remove spider veins and varicose veins. Sclerotherapy works best if compression is applied to the treated veins for at least 2 weeks after treatment. Most patients require 3-5 total treatments, each 3-6 weeks apart. Sun avoidance before and after treatment is important to minimize darkening of the skin in the treated areas.

Sclerotherapy: The World’s Best Solution For Spider Veins

Spider veins are a common problem that many people have. Spider veins can appear anywhere on the body, but they usually occur in areas where there is a lot of pressure from standing or sitting for long periods of time, such as the legs and ankles. Spider veins affect between 20-30% of adults and show no signs of going away any time soon.

Fortunately, sclerotherapy is an effective solution to spider vein removal! In this article, we will discuss what Sclerotherapy is and how it works.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a safe, effective treatment for Varicose veins and Spider-Veins. It involves injecting chemicals into the damaged skin to reduce their appearance as well as reduce pain caused by these conditions with no side effects!

Areas that sclerotherapy can treat:

– Spider veins

– Varicose Veins

– Sun Damaged Skin

Sclerotherapy is not a replacement for cosmetic surgery but it can be used as an effective treatment for these conditions. Results take about two or three weeks to start showing and treatments usually need repeated every six months until the condition has improved significantly.

Sclerotherapy will remove Spider Veins, help reduce pain and improve your appearance!

How does sclerotherapy work?

It involves injecting a concentrated salt solution into the abnormal vein which causes them to collapse and fade away over time. This process takes between one and five injections per session depending on how many veins you are treating at once. The injections themselves feel like bee stings with some minor discomfort that should go.

How to prepare for sclerotherapy?

Avoid eating or drinking anything four hours before the treatment. This will ensure that you do not feel nauseous during your session and it also helps with any pain afterwords as food can irritate the stomach lining causing further discomfort.

What is recovery like?

You may have some slight bruising from the injections but this should go away within a few days of having your Spider Veins treated. Some patients report feeling cramping in their legs which goes away quickly, while others say they don’t notice much change at all!

Where to find Spider Vein Removal in Long Beach, CA?

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